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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Best Indoor Cat Food

Indoor cats live in a more comfortable and safe environment as compared to their outdoor counterparts, but prolonged indoor activities can affect their prolonged well being. As a result indoor cat's diet need to be different as compared to the outdoor cats. Some of the indoor car foods are illustrated below:

Types of food for indoor cats.

1- Chicken and whole brown formula kitten.
2- Turkey and whole brown rice formula for adult cats.
3- Milk.
4- Fresh meat for adult cats.

Best Cat Food

Contents and benefit of the above cat foods
Fiber which is a nutrient that is derived from beet pulp and helps in promoting a healthy digestion for indoor cats and reduce hairball formation.
Indoor cats are always less active and therefore require food with fewer calories but high taste and satisfaction like low calorie dry formula to maintain a healthy weight.
Indoor cat foods should provide best skin and fir health benefits. Natural oils like soybean oil help provide fatty acid that can support indoor cat's skin and coat.

When it comes to the Best cat food, you have a choice of canned, dry and raw cat foods. The number one choice for canned food is Halo Spot's Stew wholesome chicken recipe. The recipe is good because it contains high quality ingredients and it's grain-free. The product does not contain artificial preservatives.

Best Cat FoodFor dry foods, Orijen Cat and Kitten Formula is the top choice. The product contains meat, cartilage and botanicals to stimulate whole prey. The formula has natural ingredients, including probiotics and it doesn't contain any grain or fillers. However, some vets don't recommend dry food for cats.

If you choose to raise your cat on raw food, you can't go wrong with Natural's Logic Canine and Feline Frozen Food Chicken. The product provides complete raw nutrition, which is close to your cat's wild diet. It does not contain any artificial ingredients and it comes pre-portioned for easy handling. Your cat may need some time to adjust to raw food.

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